Rapa Nui Carga  S.A.

How to get in touch with us?

You may request our services at:
Huérfanos 1160 - Office 914 - Santiago of Chile.
Phones: (56 - 2) 672 06 18 (4 lines).
Fax : (56 - 2) 695 31 77.

Your calls will be answered quickly and our staff will strive to fulfill your shipping needs promptly and efficiently.-
If you need to contact for more specific matters you will be attended with pleasant by:

Jorge Ortiz., Sales.
Rigoberto Pizarro., Operations Manager.
Rodrigo Naranjo., Advisor Foreing Trade and Customs.
Enzo Ureta ., Commercial and Sales Manager.
Santiago Caradeux ., General Manager.

Visit :

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What are we? What do we offer? Who do we work with?

Red\Line SpeditionDebeaux Transit Who do we work with
Our network of Agents is integrated mainly by:
W.E.S.T. Forwarding ServicesDissaco Gss
Yusen Air and Sea Services Inc.- Worldwide.
Fisker Cargo Inc.- Canadá.
W. E. S. T. Forwarding Services. - USA.
Westwind Maritime International.- USA.
ABBA Shipping Lines.- USA.
P&P Group.- USA.
Mexproud Shipping S.A. de C.V.- Mexico.
Coirsa.- Guatemala
Coirsa.- Honduras
IRM.- Costa Rica
Tranasa Cargo Dispatch.- Panama
Ecuador Cargo Systems.-Ecuador
Servifreight - Peru.
Transportes Universales.-Argentina.
Gate Express.-Brazil.
Allport Freight Ltd.- England.
Debeaux Transit.- France.
Dissaco Gss - Belgium
Viktoria Cargo GmbH.- Germany.
Sea Bear Logistik GmbH.-Germany.
Red\Line Spedition.-Germany.
Nordisk Air Cargo.- Denmark.
IMC.- Italy.-
Nichiyu Line Co., Ltd- Japan.
Transport Groupage Int'I (H.K.) - Hong Kong.
Shun Luen Transportation Co. -China.
Success Express - Taiwan.
Goldmarine Int'l Transport Co. Ltd.- Korea.
Customs Services ( PTY ) Ltd.- South Africa.
ASA Logistics.- Australia.
Intertrans Global Ltd. New Zealand.
Huérfanos 1160 - Of. 914 - Phones: (56-2) 672 06 18 (4 lines) - Fax: 695 31 77
What are we? What do we offer? How to get in touch with us?