Rapa Nui Carga S.A. Rapa Nui Carga S.A. Rapa Nui Carga S.A.

Who are we?

In Rapa Nui Carga S.A.,we have obtained to be clearly distinguished in the market not only by the eficiency and competitiveness achieved in all the stages of our air, ocean and inland transportation services for imports and exports.- These services placed at the disposal of the chilean foreign trade together with our very personalized attention make us a favorite freight forwarder among our customers.-

This kind of relationship which trends to become our customers in our friends, let us to know closely the desires of them being for us a pleasant duty to satisfy it within smallest time and at the lowest available costs.-

To achieve all the above mentioned is essential to rely on with a personnel highly motivated and professionally qualified.- In Rapa Nui Carga S.A. we are very proud to count on the services of an staff not only efficient in the perfomance of his assignment but also well disposed to go far providing advising and guidance to our customers for the obtention of the maximum benefits in their foreign trade operations.-

Our Company complements his services with a complete network of Agents which allows to us to be present throughout the world .- You can find a list of our Agents at the end of this letter.-

What do we offer? How to get in touch with us? Who do we work with?

What do we offer?

We and our Agents have been very carefull in order to maintain excelent relationships with the shipping companies, the airlines and the companies of land transportation and consequently we can offer a variety of schedules, frequencies and very competitives rates which make us an attractive alternative.-

Furthermore, we also can provide you our cooperation on the following:
Air and ocean consolidations.
Project cargoes.
Moving and storage.
Domestic transportation (air, ocean, inland)
International business and customs counseling.-
Rapa Nui Carga S.A.

What are we? How to get in touch with us? Who do we work with?